Childhood – the sweetest memory…

What came to your mind after reading “CHILDHOOD”? …a bunch of pretty pictures, beautiful memories, lovely days. Then you must know that it’s not the same for everybody ! Not for every Girl – to be specific.

Child Abuses, Rapes, Sexual harassment are the major reasons that our parents want us to be careful in today’s world, “don’t trust the strangers”,”come home early” and “keep a speed dial on your phone just in case you get stuck in a difficult situation”. But I have a bigger issue, which no parent thinks of ! They are concerned about the girl and take every protective measures to save her from the outer world but what if she’s is being harassed inside her own house, which is supposed to be the safest place ? Whom should she call ? Where should she go to save herself ?

And what if she is just a 6 year old kid who is being touched by her cousin, uncle, or any relative ???

Nobody could know what she’s going through because she could never speak. She keeps growing and those memories keep haunting her throughout her life. According to a survey – “8 in 10 girls are sexually abused before the age of 10, and 79% don’t ever speak about it.” And I feel ashamed that I was one of them 79% – until now.

I have faced it and I don’t want others to do so – I can’t change the world but I can try. You don’t have to conduct the massive awareness programs but start with your own houses. Just be aware of the happenings around you and be attentive to the behavior of your young one’s and don’t let them suffer in silence.

Look around, but don’t look away !
  • Join hands with me and keep sharing this post as much as you can, this is an individual initiative to make people aware about the most neglected issue which could ruin their kid’s lives. I’ll be posting some true stories and my personal experience and the steps one should take to eradicate this fatal mishap.